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Las Vegas Water Heaters – Let Us Fix Your Hot Water Heater Problems!

I’ve been installing, repairing and replacing water heaters here in Las Vegas for over 30 years.  And I run one of the most respected plumbing companies in Clark County.  Why am I different, and why does my company consistently rank #1 for customer satisfaction?

One simple answer lies in the money I save my customers!

Of course you get my professional, top-quality work that has given my business its “Best of the Best” reputation.  However…

I will not sell you a new water heater if you do not need one. 

The simplest way to save you big money on your plumbing repair is to put me to work fixing your water heater problems, not forcing a new unit on you if you don’t really need one.

If your tank is leaking, you could possibly need a new heater — however, the leak might only be caused by a relatively inexpensive pipe or valve.  And if your tank is not leaking but causing you other problems (like not delivering enough hot water), I can almost certainly save you the expense of a new water heater.

Gas water heaters and electric water heaters have unique characteristics and differing failure modes.  I can help you troubleshoot your exact problem, which could be as simple as a problem with your pilot light or as complex as sediment build up in your tank, a bad heater element, thermocouple, thermostat, anode rod or a broken dip tube.

The correct diagnosis is a simple task for us because we have the right tools and we have years of experience.  And by fixing the small problem left undetected by a plumbing rookie or “handyman” (or intentionally overlooked by a less scrupulous plumber looking only to make as much money off you as he can by selling you a complete new unit) , we have saved thousands of customers hundreds of dollars off their plumbing repairs or water heater replacement!

Additionally, with any new water heater or repair job, we take the time to show you how to do some simple periodic maintenance that can add years of service life to your equipment.

If you’re planning a new project, we can help you select the best water heater for your installation suitable for your particular needs of demand and energy efficiency.  And we will help you make certain that your selection will take into account the conditions unique to our desert climate and Lake Mead water supply.

We can help you compare water heaters to determine whether a traditional 40 gallon, 50 gallon or 75 gallon water heater is best for your needs, or if a new on-demand tankless water heater makes sense for you.

What about my water heater prices?

Please look out for those promising “the lowest price”.  What are you really getting for the price they advertise?  Almost certainly their low-ball price does not include everything your water heater will need to function safely and pass an inspection. 


After they’ve gotten their foot inside your door with their unrealistic price and you’ve hired them to do the work, don’t be surprised when they suddenly “discover” that your job requires several hundred dollars worth of “extras” to bring things up to code.  And the very shady ones who use ignorance of the plumbing codes to their advantage will also use scare tactics to talk you into adding even more things you don’t really need — as well as gouge you steeply on the prices for all these extras in order to pad their profit margin.

I refuse to play this old “bait and switch” game.  The price I quote includes everything you will need for a safe, professional installation that is guaranteed to pass inspection.  And of course if I can fix the water heater you have without replacing it, your price will be hundreds less.

I’ve been a plumber for over 30 years and started my plumbing business in 1991.  I have an unblemished reputation to maintain.  I will not sell out my good name and the reputation of my family’s livelihood in order to make a fast buck at your expense. 

I have thousands of happy, satisfied customers.  My company is trusted by major retailers like Sears to provide plumbing repairs and warranty service. 

You have my personal guarantee of satisfaction that your plumbing job will be of the highest, professional quality, completed in a timely manor, and done at a fair, honest price.Eddie The Plumber (702) 319-6015

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